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Snow Arc Guards!  A reliable and economic option for snow guards specificially engineered 

for Stile Spanish Tile® metal roofing systems bought from

More products coming soon!

Why Choose Us?

  All products including the Snow Arc line of products are engineered & tested in house and manufactured locally here in Urbana, IL of the USA with premium raw materials sourced from US manufacturers.  

  The founder of Sands Technologies LLC first installed one of BestBuyMetals' Stile Spanish Tile roofing systems in 2020 and discovered a need for snow guards to fit the unique cosine wave contour of the Stile Spanish Tile roofing system. 

  These brackets have been designed and engineered to withstand abuse from the elements while being incapable of causing a leak in your roof (No holes to be drilled!).  Each product is tested through all four seasons and then destructively tested on a 20-ton press until it explodes/fails catastrophically.  We write our installation instructions based on the results we gather from testing.

  Lastly, to determine the spacing and quantity of brackets you need to use on a section of your roof, please email us at and allow 2-3 business days for a response.  Don't forget the SB-190 adhesive and happy shopping!

About Us

Timothy Sands

Founder & Operator

We are a small business with myself (Timothy Sands) having worked in both Automotive and Custom Manufacturing industries with Flex-N-Gate Corp. and Paul's Machine & Welding.  I earned my mechanical engineering degree at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.  My passion for creating reliable products backed with modern design engineering principles and manufacturing techniques has led me to starting Sands Technologies LLC and launching the Snow-Arc product line!

We exhaustively test all our products for a minimum of one year prior to releasing them onto the market.  Rest assured that if we find issues during that initial year of testing, we will hold back that product until it can prove itself reliable.  This saves money for the customers and for Sands Technologies LLC.  

For custom products requested by customers, we specialize in manufacturing 3D printed thermo-plastics using custom built water-cooled FDM 3D printers.

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